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        Let's do this thing.

        Here's the deal: I'm not your typical photographer. If you're in search of someone to show up with a fancy camera and snap some posed shots, I'm not your girl. If you're looking to keep your hair perfect and your dress unstained, we may not get along. If you're looking to deepen the connection between you and your love while some wind and dirt dances around you in some epic scenery, we're already basically best friends. I crave the in-between, the unstaged, and the truly you. I want to connect with you guys because I care about who you are and how I can capture you best.  If you desire formal, traditional wedding photos, that's awesome! It's just not what I tend to do, and that's okay. There's a style that speaks to everyone, and I want you to feel that you know mine before we even meet. If this is where your heart's at, let's chat!