TO MENU

        These two are some of my favorite people and this is possibly my favorite session ever. From the meaning of their tattoos to the sweet mid-century airbnb in Iowa City that we got to shoot in, this was one of my favorite days. (FYI: The meaning behind the tattoos? Those lines signify the wavelengths of each other’s laughs. Yeah. I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

         Intimacy in marriage is a gift, and it is something that points us to our intimacy with Jesus. Kenzie shared an amazing quote with me that fits this session perfectly:

        “99% of all songs ever written are written about the novelty of love. And I like novelty as much as everybody else does – it’s fun to see the mountains and go to Brazil and see the big Jesus statue and explore, and new things are really exciting, but there’s something that some people never understand…and it’s that intimacy is way better than novelty. The problem with intimacy is that it’s hard, and it takes work, and sometimes it’s a little painful. And in order to get from novelty to intimacy you’ve got to be tougher than the rest.” -John Mark McMillan