Carly & Josh’s National Park Elopement at Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park has always had a way of captivating the hearts of adventurous souls seeking an intimate and unforgettable experience. It was amidst the moody weather of a rainy and windy day that Carly and Josh embarked on their National Park elopement. As a California elopement photographer, I had the honor of capturing their heartfelt moments and witnessing their love story. Unfolding against the breathtaking backdrop of Glacier National Park!

Bride and groom dancing during their national park elopement
Bride and groom kissing near glacier national park sign

Embracing the Elements of their National Park Elopement

Despite the challenging weather conditions, Carly and Josh embraced every raindrop and gust of wind. Their resilience and excitement elevated the atmosphere, creating an intimate and cozy ambiance. They understood that their National Park elopement would be a true representation of their love story, and the weather played an unexpected yet beautiful role in it!

Bride and groom looking at one another under an umbrella
Dreamy national park elopement Day in Montana
Bride and groom looking at one another under an umbrella

Working with an Inspiring Couple

Carly and Josh were not unfamiliar with the magic of Glacier National Park. The genesis of their decision to have a National Park elopement had its roots in inspiration drawn from Lindsey & Nathan’s Intimate Glacier National Park Elopement, which I photographed in 2021. A love story told against the backdrop of towering peaks, pristine lakes, and the untamed beauty of nature sparked a flame in Carly and Josh. With that inspiration, they abandoned conventional wedding plans, opting for the raw, untouched allure of Glacier National Park! 

Exploring the Park

Starting their day at a cozy Airbnb, Carly and Josh embarked on a journey through Glacier National Park, hand in hand. We mapped out numerous picturesque locations that showcased the park's natural beauty. Each spot provided a different backdrop for their vows and intimate portraits. Capturing the essence of their love in every frame.

Bride and groom dancing during their national park elopement

Vows by the Lake

One particular moment stole the show for me – Carly and Josh reading their vows on the edge of a serene lake. The rain picked up but they didn't care-tears were FLOWING and they felt every single emotion, encapsulating their unique bond. While I got to witness it all! It was seriously the sweetest! Being able to witness and document such a raw and powerful moment was an incredible privilege!

Outdoor elopement at Glacier National Park
Bride and groom exchanging vows at Glacier national park
A Dreamy mountain wedding Day In Montana

Unveiling the Beauty of Film and Digital

My passion lies in blending film and digital photography, as it allows me to capture the essence of every experience and create timeless visuals. Carly and Josh's elopement was no exception. Through my lens, I captured every detail, every stolen glance, and every fleeting emotion. The result was a collection of photographs that burst with nostalgia and cherished memories.

Film photo of bride and groom shoes for a national park elopement
Film photos for a national park elopement

A Dream Job

Photographing elopements in awe-inspiring locations, such as Glacier National Park, is more than just a job for me. It is the epitome of my dream occupation. My affinity for capturing the simplicity and beauty of small moments ensures that every couple's story is told authentically and uniquely!

Outdoor elopement at Glacier National Park

If you are searching for an unforgettable wedding experience, where beauty meets adventure and where intimate moments are treasured, let's connect! I specialize in curating unique elopements that capture the essence of your love story. Together, we will embark on an adventure that will create lasting memories for a lifetime.

See more of Carly & Josh's National Park elopement at Glacier National Park below! See my latest blog on Sonya and Kyle's fall wedding for more of my work!

Bride and groom kissing near glacier national park sign
Beautiful, colorful bridal bouquet
Black and white photo of first look with bride and groom
Intimate national park elopement in the Fall
Bride and groom hugging in the Montana Mountains
Bride and groom running on the freeway holding hands


Dress: Sarah Seven

Floral: Forage & Floral

Groom suit: Indochino

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