Brooke and Michael: A Love Story Crafted by Iowa Wedding Vendors

As a California wedding photographer, my lens has captured love stories in some breathtaking locations. Yet, when I had the opportunity to document Brooke and Michael's wedding at the enchanting Koru Berry Farm in Homestead, Iowa, I was spellbound by the beauty of the Hawkeye State. As well as the talent of the incredible Iowa wedding vendors who brought this day to life.

Bride and groom photos with beautiful backdrops and dreamy decor

From High School Friends to Sweethearts

Brooke and Michael's love story has its roots in the hallowed halls of high school. They began as friends, sharing laughter, secrets, and dreams. But as the years passed, their connection deepened, and their hearts began writing a different story. Just before Brooke embarked on her college journey, he shared his feelings with Brooke, revealing emotions that had been silently growing for a long time. Brooke’s response was the beginning of their beautiful love story.

A Springtime Celebration in April

Their wedding took place in April, a month that, in Iowa, can bring a blend of chilly breezes and the promise of spring. The air may have been a little crisp, but the spirit of the day was warm and joyous. Spring had arrived, and the venue was adorned with budding leaves and blooming flowers, creating a stunning backdrop for the celebration of Brooke and Michael's love.

Iowa Wedding Vendors: The Heart of the Celebration

What made this wedding truly exceptional was the collaboration with Iowa wedding vendors who brought their expertise and creativity to every aspect of the celebration. From invitations to signage and typography, and of course, the magnificent floral arrangements, these Iowa wedding vendors transformed an already stunning day into an unforgettable experience.

Invitations: The wedding invitations are often the first glimpse guests have of the upcoming celebration, and Brooke and Michael's were nothing short of artistic masterpieces. Crafted by a talented Iowa wedding vendor, these invitations were more than just pieces of paper; they were the opening notes of a love story told through design.

Flower girls holding baskets with cards

Signage and Typography: Every corner of the venue was adorned with signs and typography that reflected the couple's personalities and the overall aesthetic of the day. The attention to detail and artistry shone through in every piece, creating an atmosphere of elegance and warmth.

Floral Extravaganza: The wedding florist, also an Iowa local, was the mastermind behind the enchanting floral decor that graced the venue. From delicate bouquets to the breathtaking table centerpieces, every floral arrangement was a work of art. Colors and textures blended seamlessly to create a visual feast for everyone present.

A Romantic Outdoor Wedding Day with amazing Iowa Wedding Vendors
Bride and groom with white flowers and elegant wedding decor

Intention and Love in Every Detail

Working with Brooke and Michael was an absolute pleasure! Their love for art and design was evident in every detail of their wedding day. They were not only a couple but also artists who carefully crafted each moment to reflect their unique personalities and intentions.

They were so sweet to work with! I remember thinking as I documented their day. "Their wedding day is a testament to their love for each other and their focus on intention”. Brooke and Michael ensured that everyone around them felt cared for and had fun. Their private moments, such as reading vows to each other, were filled with emotion and sincerity. Their sweet exchanges were like love notes written in the air, making the day even more magical. And we can’t forget about the most adorable donkeys they had attending their wedding too! 

A New Chapter Begins

Brooke and Michael's wedding at Koru Berry Farm was a testament to love, art, and talent of Iowa wedding vendors. It was a day filled with intention, where every detail reflected the couple's personalities and love for each other. As a California wedding photographer, it was an honor to capture the beauty of Iowa and the love that unfolded there.

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If you are planning your own wedding in Iowa and you desire a photographer who can capture not just moments but also the emotions and essence of your love story, My team and I are here to bring your vision to life! Contact me and let's capture your beautiful moments, just as we did for Brooke and Michael! 

See more of Brooke and Michael’s Koru Berry Farm wedding crafted by Iowa wedding vendors below!

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Venue: Koru Berry Farm

Dress: MN Bridal Shop

Invites/Sign/Typography: SVINT Studio

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