Bekah & Grayston’s Creative Couple Photography Session 

As a California wedding and couples photographer with a passion for candid, film, and documentary-style photographs, every session holds a unique charm and tells a captivating story. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing the love and vibrant energy of Bekah and Grayston during their couple photography session in  Long Beach! The location, the couple's dynamic, and the perfect weather all came together to create an unforgettable experience!

Stunning Candid Filled Couple Photography Session in Long Beach

An Infamous Love Story

Anyone who follows Bekah knows the infamous story! Bekah and Grayston's met after Bekah got off the show, The Bachelor! Bekah's journey captured the hearts of viewers, and her unique personality left a lasting impression. Their relationship blossomed fast and their connection was evident as soon as we began the session!

The Perfect Day in April

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for Bekah and Grayston's couple photography session! Taking place in April, the clear sunny skies provided a beautiful backdrop against which truly captured the essence of Bekah and Grayston's love. The natural light illuminated their chemistry and added an extra touch of magic to the photographs! 

Creative Couple Photography Session on Rooftop

Creative Expression and Downtown LA Vibes

For this session, we wanted to infuse the shoot with a vibrant, urban feel that resonated with the couple's personality. We decided to shoot on top of Grayston's gym, which exuded a Downtown LA ambiance. The athletic environment with the love and connection between Bekah and Grayston created a visually striking narrative.

Stunning Candid Filled Couple Photography Session in Long Beach

Capturing the Essence of Their Love

Working with Bekah and Grayston was so fun!! Their easygoing nature and chill demeanor made the entire experience feel like a fun hangout session with friends. As we explored different locations and played with bright colors and the harsh sun, their chemistry and authenticity shone through. I knew we were capturing something truly special the entire time and was beyond excited to see the results!

Couples Session in Long Beach on Gym Rooftop

A Colorful Approach and Harsher Light

Bekah had a clear vision for their session. She desired something more than just iPhone photos to use for their announcement, and together, we crafted a concept that perfectly embodied their vibe. Embracing vibrant colors and the challenge of harsher lighting conditions, we captured authentic moments that radiated joy, love, and spontaneity. The result was a collection of photographs that truly reflected the couple's unique dynamic! 

Candid Film Photography

Bekah and Grayston's Long Beach couples session was a testament to the power of love, connection, and creative expression. From their unforgettable love story to the urban vibes and perfect weather, every element came together seamlessly. I'm grateful for the opportunity to capture their unique energy and provide them with cherished memories to commemorate this special time in their lives! 

Creative Couple Photography Session on Rooftop
Creative Couple Photography Session on Rooftop

I like to take a documentary-style approach, letting things unfold naturally and capturing them in all of their perfect imperfection.

My philosophy has been and always will be serving the couple in every way that I can! I'm a big believer that you should be in love with the experience in front of my camera just as much as you love your gallery at the end of it all. I work on a hybrid of film and digital, giving you all the nostalgia and memories bursting out of every single photograph.

I find beauty in the mundane, normal, small moments that others seem to miss, which makes what I do the epitome of my dream job. If you're looking for the laid-back wedding experience of your dreams, let's do it! Contact me through my website and find pricing and packages to see what best fits your vision and day!

See more of Bekah and Grayston's couple photography session below and check out my most recent blog, Jade and Tanners Intimate Family Photography Session for more of my work!

I can’t wait to hear from you and to create something amazing!

Couples Session in Long Beach on Gym Rooftop
Stunning Candid Filled Couple Photography Session in Long Beach

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