Hey! I'm Cambria, I'm a wife, mom, photographer, and many other things. I have a passion for making photographs that help you remember the way it felt. I'm a born and raised Californian currently residing in southern CA and loving every second of it. When I'm not third-wheeling or creeping on people making out, you can find me with my fam. I enjoy the ocean, sarcasm, and a good cup of coffee (or a glass of wine). I'm passionate about people and the sweet relationships in my life.

My philosophy has been and always will be serving you two in every way that I can.

After nearly 10 years in the wedding industry, it has only brought me deep friendship and beautiful moments. I like to take a documentary style approach, letting things unfold naturally and capturing them in all of their perfect imperfection. I'm a big believer that you should be in love with the experience in front of my camera just as much as you love your gallery at the end of it all. I work on a hybrid of film and digital, giving you all the nostalgia and memories bursting out of every single photograph.

I find beauty in the mundane, normal, small moments that others seem to miss, which makes what I do the epitome of my dream job. If you're looking for the laid back wedding experience of your dreams, let's hang out!