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I’m Cambria,

wife, mom, photographer, sarcastic person

Some stuff you should know about me

Tried college for a bit

i'm probably eating


Now a proud drop-out

My favorite pLACE IS

Nothing makes me happier than

My little family

anywhere near the ocean

I started this business

My guilty pleasure

The Bachelor

At the age of 19

My best friend

My beverages of choice

Coffee first, then wine

My husband James

Who I Am

I find beauty in the mundane, normal, small moments that others seem to miss, which makes what I do the epitome of my dream job.

When I'm not third-wheeling to an engagement session or loving on my couples for their wedding day, you can find me with my kiddos and my husband--my true home. We enjoy the ocean, sarcasm, and a good cup of coffee. I'm an extroverted introvert who is always down for a meaningful conversation over a glass of wine, or being my homebody self and watching the latest Oscar nominee.

Whoever you are, wherever you are: I'm ready to create art alongside you, and hopefully find some friends along the way.

I have a passion for making photographs that help you remember the way it felt. I am a wedding photographer based in California and Iowa, traveling between the two to capture the most precious of days. My philosophy has been and always will be serving you two in every way that I can. I've been running this business for the past 6 years with this mindset and it has only brought me deep friendship and beautiful moments with the absolute BEST people.

I like to take a candid approach, letting things unfold naturally and capturing them in all of their perfect imperfection. I promise to always direct you when needed, always avoiding anything stiff and awkward. I'm a big believer that you should be in love with the experience in front of my camera just as much as you love your gallery at the end of it all.


ASSOCIATE Photographer

Meet the team

When I'm unavailable, my amazing team steps in. These talented women are helping me cover Midwest wedding days when I'm busy on the West coast, and they're doing a heck of a job.

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