A Beach Family Shoot with a Documentary Style Photography Twist

In the heart of the coastal charm that is Bolsa Chica State Beach, I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the love and laughter of the Welsh family. This beach family shoot was not just a session! It was a beautiful story unfolding against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Candid beach family photoshoot at Bolsa Chica State Beach

A Love Story Born in San Luis Obispo

Hillary and Greg's story began in the picturesque town of San Luis Obispo, CA, where fate intertwined their lives between mutual friends. According to them, it was pretty much love at first sight. Since those magical beginnings, they've built their lives and a growing family in the warm embrace of Southern California.

Black and white photo of couple hugging on the beach

April Evening at Bolsa Chica State Beach

The setting sun, the rhythmic waves, and the golden sands of Bolsa Chica State Beach played host to our beach family shoot. April brought a touch of chill to the air, but the slightly brisk weather couldn't dampen the warmth and joy radiating from this beautiful family. And oh, the sunset! We were blessed with the most breathtaking hues painting the sky, it was the most beautiful sunset!!

The Magic of Bolsa Chica State Beach for Family Shoots

Bolsa Chica State Beach proved to be an ideal canvas for our family photoshoot masterpiece. The expansive shoreline, the dunes, and the iconic pier offered a diverse range of backdrops, creating a visual symphony that perfectly complemented the Welsh family's dynamic energy. The beach's natural beauty added an authentic and serene touch to the entire session!

Documentary style family photoshoot on a beach

Working with the Welcoming Welsh Family

Working with the Welsh family was such a memorable experience! What made it even more special was the personal connection. Hillary, the lovely mother of the family, happens to be my childhood neighbor! Living just 15 minutes away from each other, we're not just photographer and client – we're neighbors, friends, and mothers raising our children side by side. Being able to document her family was a heartwarming experience, adding an extra layer of connection to the images captured.

A Documentary Style Family Session

This beach family shoot was not about stiff poses and forced smiles. Instead, it embraced the essence of a documentary-style family session – an approach that captures real, unfiltered moments. As a photographer, I find beauty in imperfection, and I believe that genuine smiles, spontaneous laughter, and candid connections between family members create timeless images!

Shooting with intention is my mantra. I aim to capture the day as it naturally unfolds, preserving the authentic moments that make each family unique. Whether it's the kids playing in the sand, a stolen glance between parents, or the excitement of chasing waves – every detail is a thread in the rich tapestry of family life.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow on the Welsh family, I felt privileged to freeze these moments in time – a treasure trove of memories that they can revisit for years to come.

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Parents and kids making silly faces on the beach during their family shoot
Family Photography session at a beach

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