"And I knew exactly what to do. But, in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do."   

-Michael Scott


So, you wanna learn?

If you related to the quote above, you're probably a wedding photographer who's just wingin' it like we all have. I can't even begin to imagine where I'd be without the people who selflessly helped me in my first couple of years of business, and I want to pass that long! I truly, deeply care about giving artists a vulnerable, honest take on my experiences thus far as a photographer. Whether you just got this crazy intimidating camera that you have no idea what to do with or you're a couple years into business and you feel like you're barely treading water-- LET ME HELP YOU! You are not in this alone. Photography is a competitive industry, but there's room for all of us. I've received a ton of requests for these sessions and I'm so pumped to start helping any way I can! 




1 hour Facetime/Skype, $250


We'll typically cover the following:

+ defining your style

+ shooting & provoking genuine emotion

+ editing, presets, all the things

+ client & email interaction

+ portfolio critique

+ attracting your ideal client




2 hours, $500

Not only will we cover anything we would in a virtual session over some coffee (or wine!), but you'll get to apply what you learn in a styled shoot that I design! Not only will you get some good stuff for your portfolio, you'll get to see how I shoot and you can ask any and all questions. You'll shoot for most of it and I will be there to give feedback + bad jokes.

*These must take place in Iowa City, IA.




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