I believe in marriage. I believe in remembering the way you felt when you bear-hugged each other after leaving your ceremony, realizing you're actually married. I believe that wedding photography is way more than another wedding expense, it's an investment. 

Don't get me wrong, I was a bride once. I know firsthand how much you pour into your wedding day, and it can get so overwhelming. My job as your photographer is so much more than just showing up, making you "pose", and leaving. I strive to serve you in every way possible before and on your big day, I put my heart into my work, and as I get to know you both and what makes your love unique, my job is to make that come alive in your photos. Hiring the right photographer is so much more than material items that solidify your day- it's a friendship between you guys and I, and as you let me into that vulnerable space with you, that's where the magic happens.


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